Legendary Rock Star Nancy Nevins of Sweetwater

Sweetwater singer Nancy Nevins

"...is even better now than when they opened the historical Woodstock Festival. Nancy Nevins has too much soul to be white. Like Billie, Nancy sings from vast and probably painful experience with a voice much richer now than in earlier recordings"
Maggie van Ostrand

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"More Monterey"
Haight St. News Review

The CD "Hippie" has a great mix of "Motherless Child." It's available at Barnes & Noble Bookstores.
"Hippie" Coffee table book Here
From B & N
Buried Treasure: Lost Gems From Deep in the '60s Vaults
Includes "Motherless Child."
Paul's oil painting of Sweetwater is here.
Paul took studio pics while Nancy set up for interview Click here

Nancy Nevins at Songwriters Square

Nancy Nevins-2-17-13

Nancy Nevins

 Nancy Nevinsand Jann Close
Yikes. August served up grief AND celebration. The 45 year anniversary of Woodstock is my honor to celebrate-- and share. Jim Pruett and Mickey Thrasher of Fun 101.1 FM in Thomaston, Georgia, interviewed me for their major Woodstock 45th anniversary show. Among their interviewees are yours truly, Melanie, Wavy Gravy, one of the producers of Woodstock, Joel Rosenmann, and of course, the music of the day. Check it out please, Sunday August 17th PST 10 am- 3 : 50 pm. If you're on the East Coast, it starts at 1pm- 6:50pm.
 At the same times, the show streams onine at www.WTGA-FM-Fun101.1FM-listen online.
Word is, my interview comes up about 3rd in, with a couple tunes, then I return-- sort of -- with Melanie towards the end.  Jim is reading a letter I asked him to read.  You’ll learn rare facts about Woodstock  in my letter, and as a matter of fact,  in the whole show.  Good job, Jim and Mickey.  Many thanks.

More recording in Randy Tobin’s ThetaSound studio

The video below was shot on an iPhone one crazy night at Corky's. This is a video of the song, "Welcome Vet'ran" created by Manny Martinez, Pac Blue Productions. Here's Manny's video:

"Welcome Vet'ran" lyrics are here: here.

Another trip-- enjoy my soft ghost story: "Good Morning, Chair."

Thank you, KCSB, Paul Berenson, and all you awesome callers and listeners. I sure enjoyed doing the Christmas Day broadcast at KCSB. To listen again, click hour 1, and hour 2. The live songs mostly new, are in the second hour. Some fun calls from fans, too-- cool and appreciated-- every single one.
Notice my new logline, too: Legendary Rock Star. I'm 1 of about 6 women from the days of Woodstock and before who sang lead in a rock band. Musicians used to say women can't sing rock.

Celebrate, Dudes. We can!

Happy 45th anniversary coming this year, Woodstock-- August 16, 17, & 18th.

Thanks to Steven M. Finger of the L.A. Free Press, I finally wrote down our whole Woodstock story. It's a silly story, believe me. You'll get a kick out of it. Read what no one knows about Sweetwater at Woodstock

In April I performed on my first Internet TV show! Lou Pizarro interviewed me and taped my new tune "Things I Carry" on his new Thursday night podcast-- Episode #9. A cute and silly show. My interview starts 14 minutes into it. Listen here. Enjoy! Yeah-hey, Internet!

I'm working on 3 new tunes to be out this year-- Yea!

Check this amazing article & photo of Sweetwater from the first Pop Festival in Miami, 1968. Scroll deep into the piece to see the new, favorite pic-- it's August, Fred, me, and Albert performing our heads-off almost a year before Woodstock. Behind Fred is the fuzzy, blonde "brillo" hair of Steve, one of our favorite roadies.

Come. Enjoy some sounds and stories.

Read on if you're new to my site and don't miss clicking on the videos.

Thank you for looking in, keeping up, and loving music. Good creative folks worked hard contributing to this website, especially Paul B. Enjoy!

Hey, CBS' Stacey Butler -- Channel 2 in L.A.- interviewed me 3+ hours in '09-- 40 years after Woodstock. See you in '14, Stacey (smile) 45 years after. . . .

"The Road Back to Woodstock" shot my performance with the Heroes of Woodstock on Labor Day. Isn't that cool? The film is a TV flick that will also be available on DVD. I'll keep you posted. The photos are here.
Sweetwater at the Miama Pop Festival, 1968
I had a great interview with Kevin Modesti of the L.A. Daily News that celebrated Sweetwater and me at Devonshire Downs in the San Fernando Valley in 1969. Modesti's piece ran on the front page, Father's Day, June 21, 2009. How special! My Dad was a journalist long ago he probly smiled from heaven when that happened. Hans Gutknecht's photos are here.

Ang Lee uses my arrangement of "Motherless Child" in Taking Woodstock. You may miss the song because though you hear the music, he never shows the bands playing in his fiction. Still, my name rolls by in the credits. Yay! (smile)

I'm featured in at least 6 of the big Woodstock anniversary books this time. Go to your nearest Barnes and Noble, folks!

Also, Artie Kornfield interviewed me on his Artist First Radio Network show which is online and is now archived, I think.

On August 11, I was on Paul Berenson's show at 3 pm on Progressive Talk 1490, KIST, Santa Barbara. The mp3 is posted here.

Warner Bros Rhino is releasing a few new CD sets, 40 year Woodstock anniversary products, domestic and international! It’s music that‘s never been heard. Sweetwater’s included with 2 songs I wrote that we performed at Woodstock. At last, Warners admits we were there!

A few months ago, Cherry /Revola Records in England licensed from Warner Bros. the first Sweetwater CD and is re-mastering for a new release any day now. Tiffany Anders is writing liner notes. We are going abroad, friend-buds (smile)

Thanx for the interview, Rona Elliot. I look forward to your History Channel special! More exciting developments loom. And hey, a fan captured Albert and me with Sweetwater at the Fillmore East years ago. See photo below.  Thanks, Bob!" Stay tuned.Sweetwater Singer Nancy Nevins

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my youtube video playing in my kitchen
www.myspace.com/Nancy Nevins

Zeke, my orange and white tabby, has a cameo during the second tune.

More fun sweetwater stuff is here www.sweetwaterband.com 
the Sweetwater Music collection is here

When you get back, read on, you blessed person. . . .


Don’t forget to write me at nevinsnancy@gmail.com if you feel like it, and if you’re new to my site, please read on to catch up on my good, talented, long-time friend, Paul Berenson, and how all this got started. . . .

Nancy Nevins at Songwriters Square 2-17-13Paul's a good friend and he is one well-informed music afficionado. Believe it. There's little Paul doesn't know about classical or pop music. Just ask him (smile).

I spent time with Paul on his radio show in August for the 35
th anniversary of Woodstock. You can see some photos of me at the radio station. (It was awfully early and I buzzed up to the station from L.A. at 4 am. I dressed funky, since it's radio-- so-- whatever. Don't judge my scruffy look too hard.)

Paul and I met a hundred years ago, through Chris Huston, Sweetwater's second record producer. Thanks to the Internet we re-connected and Paul offered to help me with a website. He loves Sweetwater and is a serious believer in my music and my writing. Man, how I appreciate that.

“500,000 people heard them at Woodstock. No one heard from them again.” this collection, which the band itself helped compile from their three Reprise albums... features three unreleased sides. Think a jazzier Jefferson Airplane…that’s the tasty material that awaits you here, and all of it’s been out of print for decades. 


Lou Pizarro Podcast Interview.